1976 GMC Motorhome

26' Palm Beach


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The GMC Motor Home

General Motors built these Classic GMC Coaches from 1973 thru 1978 on its GMC Coach (bus) assembly line in 23 and 26 foot lengths.

The body is aluminum and fiberglass. Other than the steel vehicle chassis, the entire coach frame is aluminum. The firewall is aluminum as are all areas requiring structural metal sheets. No structural wood is used anywhere except in the floor, which is rigid 3/4" plywood clad with aluminum for weatherproofing. The roof is a one-piece aluminum sheet on aluminum structural members. These coaches are very solid and were built to last. Most of the 13,000 built are still in service. Some have over a half million miles on them and are still going strong.

All GMC Coaches have front wheel drive based on the Oldsmobile Toronado and share engine, transmission, driveline, and many suspension and steering components with the Toronado. The 1976 coach had the 455 cubic inch Toronado engine and the Toronado Hydramatic 425 automatic transmission. The air suspension automatically adjusts to road conditions and the air bags mounted between the rear wheels greatly reduce road noise and increase stability.

GMC Coach owners are very loyal and clubs exist throughout the US and Canada.




This coach was totally reconditioned by Cinnabar Engineering in 2000. With care, it should easily last another 25 years. Cinnabar Engineering purchased the manufacturing rights to the GMC Motor Home and offers a complete line of parts and services for proper maintenance of the coach. The coach had 85,000 miles on it when it had a frame off restoration, it now has 106,000 miles.


Complete Interior including Headliner

Leather sofa sleeper

2 Leather chairs

2 Fantastic Fans

Cruise Control



Hoses and Belts

Bilstein Shocks

Cab Heating/Air Conditioning System

HD Radiator, Shroud, Fan, & Clutch

Auxiliary Transmission Cooler

Aluminum Transmission Oil Pan

Auxiliary Engine Oil Cooler

Aluminum Final Drive Cover

3.42:1 Final Drive

Fuel Pump

Fuel System

Edlebrock Carburetor

TrueCharge 40+ converter / battery charger

Statpower Automatic Shore Power Switch

16" Michelin Tires

16" Alcoa Aluminum Wheels

Norcold Refrigerator

Duo-Therm Living Room A/C

Ramco Electric Mirrors

Caspro Steering Box

Exhaust System

Batteries (3)

Suburban LP Furnace

Intake and Exhaust Manifolds

Throttle Cable

Speedometer Cable

Shift Cable

LP Gas Regulator


A Safety plus steering dampener


Engine, 455 cid

Transmission, Hydramatic 425

Front Suspension

Rear Airbag Suspension System

Steering System

Macerator Sewage Disposal System


All Power and Cruise Control

Deep Discharge Golf Cart House Batteries

Large Windows

A 6-way electric seats

3 Air Conditioners

6 KW Onan Generator

Factory Reconditioned

Manuals Included


It’s the best buy you’ll ever make on a Motor Home. If cared for, GMC Motor Coaches have, since new, traditionally retained all of their value and this one has been totally reconditioned.

The only reason I am selling is because I have retired in Mexico.

The motor home is in storage, undercover at Fort Worth, Texas


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Its gone, sold it for $27,500. Thanks for the help; I couldn't have done it
without your help. The web site really worked. The best $100.00 I ever
      the Seller